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Assessment and Results

All pupils at Clarendon are regularly assessed by staff in order to monitor their progress. All new
pupils are assessed on entry to the school to provide a baseline against which to measure

There are annual standardised tests in reading, spelling and maths.

Pupils are teacher assessed in all aspects of English and maths. These assessments are recorded
at least termly on our online assessment programme, which allows us to monitor rates of progress,
and to provide timely interventions for any pupils not making expected progress in any area. At
Clarendon, we use a bespoke assessment framework based on the age related stages of the
National Curriculum and, for pupils working below Stage 1, the P Scales. Each P level and stage
are broken down into many smaller units, allowing us to measure progress effectively by
percentage increase.

Each half term, pupils complete a given exercise covering a specific area of English or maths
which is more formally assessed and annotated, and these pieces of work are added to the pupil’s
golden book. These pieces of work are then brought to moderation meetings so that staff can
ensure consistency of assessment throughout the school. Moderation meetings are also held with
other similar schools to ensure that Clarendon’s assessments are robust.

Each pupil has individual annual academic targets set by staff in September. The teacher
assessment targets are based on the Clarendon Flight Path, which uses aggregated data from 4
similar schools, all rated Good or Outstanding by Ofsted. Clarendon’s flight path then uses the
upper quartile (top 25% of all the aggregated data) to give us our targets annually and for the end
of each Key Stage. Further targets are also set for progress in reading, maths and spelling using
our annual standardised tests.

At the end of Key Stage 3, our assessments allow us to guide and advise pupils in their curriculum
choices, and to tailor our range of qualifications to provide appropriate challenge to individual

Pupils in Key Stage 4 will do a range of assessed and accredited courses, which, depending on
the individual’s ability may include GSCE’s, BTEC level 1 and Entry Level qualifications, Entry
Level Certificates, Unit Awards and ASDAN awards. These qualifications are externally moderated
or marked.

In addition to academic assessment, teachers also assess against our life skills curriculum,
ensuring progress in practical, independence and social skills.
All pupils will also have individual targets taken from their Education, Health and Care Plan,
covering academic, health and independence skills. These are regularly assessed and updated to
ensure that progress is made towards outcomes.

Governors set whole school targets for pupil progress and outcomes annually.

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