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At Clarendon Primary Centre, we recognise that technology is an integral part of everyday life. The intent of our computing curriculum is to prepare our children for a future that is being increasingly transformed by technology. We encourage children to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence that they need to be able to become digitally literate. We do this through a combination of both cross-curricular and specific skills-based lessons. We recognise that children need to learn how to stay safe online and we develop this awareness regularly through our class lessons. When appropriate, touch-typing is taught to support writing skills.

Pupils are taught the skills required to apply computing skills to real life problems and tasks and to support the computing content taught at Clarendon Secondary Centre. 

This SOW contains some suggested resources for each level.  Some resources can be adapted to use to teach across a range of levels and this list is not exhaustive, but simply to give an initial range of possibilities.  Teachers can select and adapt resources relevant to their classes.