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Clarendon Primary Centre is for infant and junior children, from the ages of four to 11. Across the Primary classes we teach the National Curriculum through exciting and stimulating ‘Learning Themes’.  These allow the different subjects of the curriculum to be linked together to allow children to explore and learn within a context.

Children’s time in school is precious and there is so much to do during the primary years.  We believe in children having sufficient time to engage with their learning at a deep, rather than shallow, level.  In order for this to occur they require quality time to really engage with their learning over an extended time frame.  It is for this reason that we combine learning across the curriculum within a theme based approach.  This approach is more likely to result in higher quality learning outcomes.  In addition, it makes greater sense to the younger learner.

  • Stars Class: Reception, Years 1 and 2
  • Moon Class: Years 2 and 3
  • Rockets Class: Year 4
  • Galaxy Class: Year 5
  • Comet Class: Year 6