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Family Support

Clarendon School has a dedicated Family Partnership Worker, Maisie Dean, who works across the primary and secondary sites. Maisie organises and holds regular coffee mornings which provide a fantastic opportunity for parents and carers to meet up in a relaxed setting and have a chat.

From experience, we have learnt that parent peer support is one of the most valuable resources and can address such a wide range of issues relating to raising a child with special educational needs and/or disabilities. The Family Partnership Worker can provide information about what’s going on locally, including clubs, activities, and support groups. Though an embedded part of life at Clarendon School, the Family Partnership Worker is here for you and your needs and can be an impartial shoulder to cry on or simply a friendly ear. Maisie can also provide 1:1 support for filling in paperwork for relevant benefit entitlements such as Disability Living Allowance or funding for outside of school activities or equipment.

At Clarendon School, we are proud of our inclusivity and diversity and extend this to our work with families. We recognise that every child and every family are unique and we work closely with them to celebrate and build on this. We aim to build good relationships between home and school to provide the best possible care and support for your child. 

Maisie can be contacted via the school office, and is usually based at the Primary Centre on Mondays and Thursdays, and at the Secondary Centre on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.