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Learning Zones

Clarendon Learning Zone is a section within our school website that is dedicated to supporting home learning. It provides links to websites containing free, interactive learning materials. The sites chosen have been very carefully selected to ensure that children will enjoy them and learn as much as possible. All sites used have been carefully vetted to ensure that the content is appropriate for children of different abilities.

We will always try to link the selection with the subjects that children in different classes are studying at school. If you, or your child, discover a really good site that is not on here, we would like to hear from you. Please e-mail the school and let us know the website address.

Some sites require the user to download Macromedia Flash Player, a simple piece of software which will take a couple of minutes to obtain. If you do not currently have this software simple instructions will be provided on how to obtain it from the first host site that requires it.

Teaching staff will be using some of these sites in their lessons at school so that when children are using these activities at home they are familiar with them.