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Count Us In

A series of interactive games designed to help children understand basic number concepts.!/search/_SRC:ABC%20Count%20Us%20In

Great Day for Number Lines

A simple activity that involves using a number line to add numbers up to 10. It teaches children the idea of counting on.


A series of 6 interactive activities, for example, Mend the Number Square helps to reinforce knowledge about the position of numbers up to 100.

String of Beads

Copy colour patterns created on a string of beads. A simple game to develop an understanding of repeating patterns.

The Little Animals Activity Centre

Count Hoot, a wise owl, sets some simple addition and subtraction sums using numbers from 0 to 6.

Snakes and Ladders

The familiar game of Snakes and ladders in an interactive format. Good for practising counting up to 100.

ICT Games

A huge range of mathematical games that focus on supporting pupils’ understanding of different areas covered in the mathematics curriculum.