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Clarendon Secondary Centre catering

Cashless catering

As part of our new contract we are operating a cashless catering system. This means that pupil accounts are topped up by parents either online or by cheque/cash as they are now. When pupils take a lunch their pupil account will be charged as they purchase their lunch through our new tills.  The most efficient way for pupils’ accounts to be charged for their lunch is through a biometric registration and I have attached further details below of how this is carried out. This means that pupils can then pay for their lunch using their thumb print.

In order to register pupils’ biometric data to enable them to pay using their thumb print we are asking all parents/carers to return the BIOMETRIC REGISTRATION – PARENT CONSENT form .

Topping up your child’s Cafeteria Account

Our preference is for payments to be made online. If you have not registered for online payments you will receive a letter explaining how to do this. You can also continue to make payment by cash or cheque.

If you make online payments you will now be topping up the Cafeteria Account for secondary pupils. Any remaining balance showing on your child’s Dinner’s account will be transferred across to the cafeteria account.

Lunches taken this term

As our tills were not installed at the beginning of last term, we have been manually recording lunches taken and charges for these will appear on your account later this month.

If your child has taken a lunch every day since the beginning of term, the charges to be applied are as follows:

  • To 30th September 18 x £2.50 £45.00
  • 1st to 9th October 7 x £2.50 £17.50

This gives a total charge for the term up to next Tuesday of £62.50 which will be manually applied to accounts. Once the tills are fully up and running, pupil accounts will be allowed to have a small overdraft balance. For the time being we will ensure that the overdraft exceeds £62.50 to allow time for you to top up your account and for us to transfer across balances.

Pupils receiving free school meals

Pupils will have a daily allowance of £2.50 applied to their account each day to be used at lunchtime. At the moment we are not providing a break time service but in future you will be able to add money to your child’s account if you would like them to be able to purchase food at other times.

You may also want to register for online payments to enable you to pay for trips