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Clarendon pupils have access to a range of therapies which supports or complements their learning. To learn more about the different types of therapies available click below.

Kick Mentors

 Kick Mentors support pupils through activities including sports and dance. They are in school two days per week. Pupils meet with their mentor weekly setting targets to support themselves in school and at home.  

Educational Psychologist

Amanda Gaukroger is providing some Educational Psychology support at the Secondary Centre. Her times are allocated according to need and in discussion with the head of centre.  


Physiotherapy provides a range of packages of care which include reviews and/or treatment blocks based on each child’s needs. Our physiotherapist, Julie Knox is allocated to Clarendon Secondary via the NHS and is currently on-site one morning a week for alternate half terms.  Referrals for physiotherapy need to be made by a medical professional so can either go through the school nurse, or via your own GP.

Speech and Language Therapy

As with Physiotherapy, our Speech and Language Therapist, Neema is allocated to Clarendon Secondary via the NHS and  is currently on site three days a week. Ciara and Becky also provide support as Therapy Assistants  3  days a week to work with students to implement personalised speech and language programmes. 

Occupational Therapy

Unfortunately, the Secondary Centre was without an Occupational Therapist from January to September 2021, during which time existing OT programmes continued to be delivered by class-based support staff. We are pleased that our new full-time OT, Jess Wilson, has now joined the team. A new full time Occupational Therapy Assistant is due to be appointed early in 2022