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All students are expected to wear full school uniform at all times. The uniform (including guidance on jewellery allowed in school) is detailed in the new parent and carer information pack.

You can purchase uniform from Stitch Design:

Please remember to label your child’s uniform clearly as we have a continually growing stock in lost property with no names on.

Primary Centre Uniform

All pupils must have a bottle green raglan round-necked sweatshirt with the new school logo. These are available from the school office.

Your child will need a book bag or a small bag (eg a supermarket bag for life).  We do not offer school book bags or PE bags. We ask that children do not bring large bags, eg backpacks, into school.  


Shorts or long trousers in dark grey or black. (Plain black or dark grey jogging bottoms are acceptable)

A plain white polo shirt.

Black or dark grey socks.

Plain black shoes with no large logos.


Skirts, long trousers or a pinafore dress in dark grey or black.

A plain white polo shirt.

Black or dark grey leggings or tights or white ankle socks may be worn under skirts or dresses.

In warmer weather, a green gingham summer dress may be worn. Plain bottle green cardigans may be worn with summer dresses or skirts. (a sew on school badge may be available from the school)

Plain black shoes with no large logos.

NB: Pupils may not wear denim trousers

Secondary Centre Uniform

All secondary pupils must wear a school jumper with a v-neck and logo.

Pupils should wear a plain white polo shirt, blouse or shirt. 

Dark grey trousers or a knee-length skirt must also be worn. In the summer term only, dark grey knee-length shorts may be worn. These should be without external pockets (eg: not cargo style shorts).

Pupils should wear plain all black shoes or trainers, with black soles and laces and no logos.  These should be worn with dark grey or black socks.

Black or dark grey tights or leggings, or white ankle socks may be worn under a skirt.  Leggings cannot be worn without a skirt.

No jewellery to be worn other than small, plain stud earrings (no pearls, stones or enamel designs), which will need to be removed for PE lessons. 

No make-up, nail polish or false nails to be worn other than minimal foundation for Yr 9, 10 or 11 pupils.

Denim (jeans material) trousers must not be worn. 

In addition to the compulsory uniform items, some pupils may choose to wear the following optional items:

A Clarendon tie, bottle green with double silver stripes. These are available as clip-on as well as standard ties. Pupils wishing to wear ties must wear a shirt or blouse, not a polo shirt.

A Clarendon blazer, with logo, in Marl Grey. These are available in boys or girls styles.

You can purchase uniform from Stitch Design:



Gateway Centre Pupils

Students at the Gateway centre wear the same uniform as Twickenham School which helps facilitate inclusion where appropriate.  

All of the Twickenham School uniform is available to purchase at: 

Schooldays & Just Dancing

Address: Schooldays & Just Dancing, 94 High Street, Whitton TW2 7LN
Tel: 0208 898 4881



Address: Stevensons, 1-15 Heath Rd, Twickenham,TW1 4BD
Tel:  0208 892 2201 

For more information about Twickenham School's Uniform Policy, please go to their school website or click the link below.