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Yr 7 Literacy and Numeracy Premium

This additional funding was previously provided to support Year 7 pupils who had not achieved the expected standard in reading and maths at the end of Key Stage 2. Within our special school setting all Year 7 pupils were eligible for this additional funding.

The school used the premium on resources, training, individual and small group tuition. The funding was to support pupil’s progress in developing and improving literacy and mathematical skills. Schools were able to choose how this funding was used to support individual progress and allocate funding accordingly.

This funding stream was discontinued for special schools in 2020.

Impact Statement 2018-19 and Expenditure Statement 2019-.pdf

Impact and Expenditure Report  

Expenditure for academic year 2017-2018

The amount received for the academic year 2017-18 is £7824

  • Small maths group provision for year 7 pupils
  • Purchase of reading scheme specifically aimed at engaging pupils as recommended by the Downs Syndrome Society
  • Purchase of Occupational Therapy sensory needs resources to assist pupil’s engagement in learning
  • Training of all staff in the principles of Restorative Justice to aid pupils transition from primary to secondary school.

Expenditure for academic year 2016-2017

The amount received for the academic year 2016 -17 was £7000

  • Maths booster group for 3 pupils
  • All year 7s receive small group phonics tuition
  • Training of staff in Clicker 7 to enable pupils to structure writing with increased independence
  • Purchase of My Choice Pad software which uses Makaton Symbols and Signs to help develop pupils communication skills, express themselves and make independent choices.